Breakfast has been had, pencil has touched paper. It’s a super cool, super rad kinda morning. A week-old enchiladas and leftover mac and cheese kinda morning. It’s looking to be a pretty productive day–finishing dumb personal art projects that have been floating in and out of my peripherals wize.

I’m doing this 7 page comic for fun about making a deal with the devil for perfect drawing abilities. After entering the shonen jump contest with a 15 page comic I was a little less than happy with, I decided it’d be a good thing to make a quick comic that’d help me deal with some of the woes I was left feeling with my shonen jump comic. Art therapy of sorts. Some of the problems I have with my own art, and I have a hard time calling my stuff art, is that my characters sometimes look stiff and lifeless. Aside from that I need to put more ink on the paper, hard shadows and all that. So hopefully that’ll get done today.

Here’s a quick warmup sketch I did after breakfast of Jubilee from X-men. The half-assed text on the top right was gonna say ‘Bilee the Kid but I got lazy, it’s just a warm-up sketch after all.


I made a deal with myself to finish it before the fedex dude (or dudette) gets here with my package. I’ve got comics coming in. I officially have more comics than time to read them, which is the best problem to have as far as I’m concerned.

Udder than that I’m reading through that one-shot Akira Toriyama wrote and Masakazu Katsura drew called Jiya.


The art is really good and it’s the kind of thing I want for my shelf but I can’t seem to find a copy for purchase… in English anyway. I don’t own a whole lot of manga and there’s a reason for that but maybe that’s a blog entry for another day. Too much to say on that subject and I’m trying to use my time today for something other than clacking these keys.