Breakfast has been had, pencil has touched paper. It’s a super cool, super rad kinda morning. A week-old enchiladas and leftover mac and cheese kinda morning. It’s looking to be a pretty productive day–finishing dumb personal art projects that have been floating in and out of my peripherals wize.

I’m doing this 7 page comic for fun about making a deal with the devil for perfect drawing abilities. After entering the shonen jump contest with a 15 page comic I was a little less than happy with, I decided it’d be a good thing to make a quick comic that’d help me deal with some of the woes I was left feeling with my shonen jump comic. Art therapy of sorts. Some of the problems I have with my own art, and I have a hard time calling my stuff art, is that my characters sometimes look stiff and lifeless. Aside from that I need to put more ink on the paper, hard shadows and all that. So hopefully that’ll get done today.

Here’s a quick warmup sketch I did after breakfast of Jubilee from X-men. The half-assed text on the top right was gonna say ‘Bilee the Kid but I got lazy, it’s just a warm-up sketch after all.


I made a deal with myself to finish it before the fedex dude (or dudette) gets here with my package. I’ve got comics coming in. I officially have more comics than time to read them, which is the best problem to have as far as I’m concerned.

Udder than that I’m reading through that one-shot Akira Toriyama wrote and Masakazu Katsura drew called Jiya.


The art is really good and it’s the kind of thing I want for my shelf but I can’t seem to find a copy for purchase… in English anyway. I don’t own a whole lot of manga and there’s a reason for that but maybe that’s a blog entry for another day. Too much to say on that subject and I’m trying to use my time today for something other than clacking these keys.


I’m sitting in front of some blank paper right now and I’m afflicted with the same problem that hits me just about every other week. And that’s being too afraid of laying down lines because they “might not be perfect”. Which is stupid because most of the lines I put down on paper aren’t perfect anyways, but also because I have erasers and all that. Nothing that a few cups of caffeinated beverage won’t fix, it’s classic art-fuel. Drawing is great when you hit that zone where nothing but the paper exists and everything around you is colors and white noise. Either way, the page is staying blank for now and I figure I can get this wordpress thing started once and for all.

A couple things I need to get off my chest. I have GOT to stop describing things I like as ‘rad’ or ‘super cool’. I never noticed it before but almost always use one of the two in response to liking something. It’s kind of a cheap cop-out kind of compliment. Like ‘here’s this thing I spent months of my life making, I busted my ass for it, cried and almost gave up on it but I finished it and here it is, whaddya think?’

‘oh, rad’.

Asshole. So no more of that, self, those days are over. I’m gonna try to really delve into why I like something and offer more than a one of two word response.

Next thing is Agents of SHIELD sucks major wang. I was kind of psyched for it ’cause I loves me some Buffy and Angel and Firefly and even Dollhouse (even though that one was kinda hated across the board). I thought, finally Whedon back in television with a property that’s likely to succeed. It’s just, I can’t get into it. I feel like the dialogue and turns the story takes work better with his other shows because they were always meant for it, and Agents is just Joss trying to fit his square peg into that round hole. Shwing. All in all, it is not rad. Not super cool. I’d trade a hundred Agents of SHIELD for another season of something like Freaks and Geeks or The Black Donnellys. Or like, more Sarah Connor Chronicles or Fringe. Man, TV is such a bummer.

Oh oh oh and I’ve been listening to that Lorde album alot. Pure Heroine, I’m pretty sure it’s called. It’s pretty solid all around. This song’s my favorite.

Better get back to drawing before I forget how to.